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Kernel Comparsion

Romachine Kernel Comparsion

Official Kernel
Romachine Kernel
Game Freezes and hidden bugs Freezes Ocassionally with lots of hidden bugs There are hidden bugs, but they are kept to the minimum and using our technology, game freezes happen very rarely.
Kernel Only one kernel, the official kernel. Romachine Kernel includes a TTMenu and a Special R4 Menu.
Moonshell Uses Moonshell V2.00 Stable. We use the latest Moonshell V2.10 Child Zwai Edition, it's more stable and less buggy.
Game Compactability Keeps updating the kernel to support new games, but when new games are supported, old games aren't. We update our kernel regularly, in order to support all games possible.
Kernel Problems The kernel is released before it's debugged. Some kernel versions also have major problems, like V1.44, which could corrupt files, and V1.49, which would brick cards if you ran its patch. Our kernel is debugged completely before it's released, and none of our kernels have major problems, but sometimes they have minor problems, like the old Classic R4 Menu couldn't work, and the TTMenu was sometimes corrupted.
Kernel Extraction The kernel comes in a .zip archive, and although it's compressed, it dosen't really help because .zip files just compress a bit. Our old kernel comes in a .rar archive, which is more compressed, but you had to download a special program called WinRAR to extract it. Our new kernel comes in a .exe format, which is heavily compressed, and it's VERY easy to extract the kernel onto your TF card easily. It also has instructions in the .exe file.
Language Translations The only languages that are properly translated are Simplified and Traditional Chinese and English. The other languages are mis-translated. We have a strong team of many members that know many languages, to translate our kernel properly.
Website Contains only downloads for their products, (R4 and SaveDongle) and some basic information and incorrect F.A.Qs. Includes a detailed F.A.Q, Kernel Comparsion, a guide on Fake R4s and more.
Card Compactability Has seperate kernels for R4i 3DS, R4i V1.4,V1.4.1,V1.4.2 and V1.4.3 and R4i SDHC Supports lots of cards, check them out in the "Supported Cards" page.