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Posted by byt411 on May 15, 2012 at 1:45 PM

We are planning to release a Romachine SDK (Software Development Kit)

This will make Romachine Kernel Open Source, which will allow anyone compile their own special versions of Romachine Kernel.

All special versions made out of the Romachine SDK must be approved by us before being released to the public, and also you must sign your special SDK verison with your own unique digital code. This is to prevent people making malicious kernels out of our SDK and then bricking R4is and blaming us. The signing is to prevent people that have access to our SDK copying other people's work and claming to be their own. It also helps us to find out who made malicious kernel out of our SDK, and their consequences will be:

-Banned from our website.

-Removed access to our SDK.

If you know how to access our SDK, you must not tell anyone how to access it or give them our SDK.

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