Romachine: Your R4i Website


Welcome To Romachine!

We are the Romachine Team! We provide a replacement for R4i kernels from and other websites. A full list is available on our supported cards page.

Countdown to Romachine Relaunch

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Newest Updates:

Welcome back! We have successfully upgraded our website from Webs 2.0 to Webs 3.0.

Our site is now a lot quicker, and updating the site is now even more easier for us.

We have also released Romachine Kernel V1.62.

Why Choose Romachine?

Romachine Kernel Is compatible with lots of cards, check them out in the "Supported Cards" page.

Romachine Kernel is better than official kernel, check out the better features in the "Kernel Comparsion" page.

NEW: Romachine Kernel now supports lots of cards. From Kernel V1.48 on, it includes "Romachine Kernel Boot".

Use your official kernel and install Romachine kernel. Then run the "Romachine Kernel Boot" File like a normal game and Romachine Kernel will boot.